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Game aliases:  Smelterio

Smelter io description

Smelter io — Play for free at

Smelter io is a really curious game. You are playing for a hot steel cube. As long as you are hot, you can attack the enemies! When many players take part in the game, it becomes really interesting. The area is divided into squares; you are moving and acting on these squares.

How to play

The rules in Smelter io are simple. The map resembles a chess board. You can move on the squares, except the diagonal direction! The more you move, the hotter is your cube. When your cube becomes bright orange, you can attack the enemies. It is possible to attack the enemy if he is located on the same line with you. Jump over the enemy to defeat him. Distance of the jump depends on the temperature. If your cube is bright and hot, it will jump on a long distance. Pick the stars and defeat the enemies to receive scores.

A star gives you scores of rating. SHOCK will help you to defeat the enemies immediately by means of lighting. FIRE gives you an opportunity to make a double jump; the first one is the most powerful. BOMB will defeat your enemies in the radius of 9 squares around you. SHOT will help you to make 4 diagonal shots. Teleportation will help you to teleport in the random square of the map.

We are sure that you have never played for a hot steel cube! Original gameplay and simple rules will make Smelter io interesting for many io fans.


  • Use a left click or the cursor to move
  • If you want to jump, make a right click to the side of your jump


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Smelter io

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