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Game aliases:  Snacraftio snake craft io

Snacraft io description

Snacraft io — Play for free at

Snacraft io = Snake io + Minecrat game! Gameplay is very similar to Classic Snakes io, but with a core unique feature - sounds!

How to Play

Your goal in Snacraft io is to earn as many points as possible. Amount of points = snake legnth. This is good at one hand - the longer is snake the easier to deal with enemies. On the other hand you can't cross your own body and that can be dangerous. So the snakes die when crash into anything with head. When dead leave a lot of points to collect. Also for growing don't forget to collect images of animals.

And the most important about Snacraft io are the sounds! Switch them on and listen to sounds when you pick up a image of animal. Creators of the game made the gameplay very funny!


  • WASD to move


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Snacraft io

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