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Game aliases:  змея io змей ио

Snok io description

Snok io — Play for free at

Snok io a fresh look at snake-styled io games. Super basic design, clear rules and twinkling background. And it's great! As in many other snake games the only thing you've to do is to keep head of your snake safe.

Snok io game

How to Play

The main ain of Snok io is to grow the biggest (longest) snake. Eat color dots spread on the map. Controls are very simple. You should only worry about your head and coming across your own tail (that also kills).

Killing other players in this game is rather optional since when enemy is killed his body leave color dots that are spread on a big area and it's no reason to kill anyone because you're able to collect those dots one by one anyway. So use your attention to make sure you don't hit yourself.


  • WASD or arrows to move
  • Space for acceleration

Smooth motion of a snake, lazy gameplay and twinkling background makes Snok io a pure pleasure.


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Snok io

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