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Game aliases:  space base io starbase io

SpaceBase io description

SpaceBase io — Play for free at

Spacebase io is a new word in io games world. Original gameplay and very complex upgrading system will let you have fun for many hours.

How to Play

Your main goal in Spacebase io is to become the leader and upgrade the ship. Resources are received by attacking planets. Start with smaller ones first, next when you have a higher level yourself try destroying big planets. Upgrades menu opened by F key. If you have no resources upgrade your ship!

On the bigger planets you're able to create bases. This will help getting resources in automatic mode and also it will be a respawn place in case you die. Build turrets to defend your planet from invaders. Spacebase io is fascination combination of tactical game and 2D shooter.

Most dangerous things in the game are Suns. They glow. Don't ever come close to them otherwise instant death. Attack them to receive a Stardust. This is a resource used to restore your health (by H button). 10 points of stardust for 10 points of HP.

Also Space base io has shops that offer you various boosters. Explore the map to find different shops because each of them have different boosters. Also note that to receive the maximum units of a resource from planets or suns shoot when your weapon is charged at maximum level. Simply press Sapce and new shoot will have maximum power! Good luck!


  • Space to shoot
  • J to land on a planet
  • F for upgrades menu
  • E to build a base on a planet
  • H for restoring health
  • Click to move


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SpaceBase io

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