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Game aliases:  spacegolf io

Space Golf io description

Space Golf io — Play for free at

Space Golf io invites you to the play a golf in a specific space conditions. Feel yourself an Elon Musk trying to launch a new flying anything!

How to Play

The only goal of Space Golf io is to reach the smallest planet at the end of planets row. Planets have different sizes. Each turn lasts for 80 seconds. If you reach the little planet first you win. The less times you've started engine the better.

One of the coolest things in space mechanics is using planets' gravitation to accelerate and decelerate your spaceship. This game allows you to do the same. You can just slightly correct the trajectory of your spaceship by engine. If you get out of the map boundaries you'll start on the planet you've landed last.

Controls in Space Golf io are not easy, but you'll get to it.


Use mouse to define a direction your ship will move next


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Space Golf io

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