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Game aliases:  splash wars io Splashwarsio

Splashwars io description

Splashwars io — Play for free at

Splashwars io is a very original multiplayer game combining several ideas previously met in other io games. The game looks clear, fresh and exciting!

How to Play

Main goal of the game is to upgrade your ship and build new modern ones for the sake of control of game territories. Little by little you'll level up and receive new weapons to kill the opponents and paint your army in the colors of your flag!

There're two main points in Splashwars io. First is a combat one. You've got to travel the map with plane, kill opponents and collect spare parts for the new planes. Second is for building. Go to the Factory tab and build a new plane from the parts you've got. You can keep in Garage up to 3 planes and change them from time to time. Each plane has specific abilities, play them all.

Before you get the spare part into inventory you've got to wait for 30 seconds. If you've got killed during this time you lose all the parts. They will re-appear on the map again.

Also you may meet bots in the Splashwars io game. You can shoot at them and paint them into your colors. This is useful for dominating the center of the map. There's a circle and the player who occupies the circle receives extra ammo for the weapons (for example the gun that shoot 3 ammo at once will shoot 5). You can get circle under your control by moving though it or by shooting. Bots painted into your color will also get the circle under your control if they happen to get over it.

Every plane requires a certain combination of parts of different level and different metals for airframe. You inventory has limited number of slots, so select a plane you want to build and collect only parts required to build it. Also you can sign up to save you score.

Splashwars io Controls

  1. Arrow keys to move
  2. Up and right-left keys together to boost
  3. Double press up key to boost
  4. Space to attack


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Splashwars io

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