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Splatty io description

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Splatty io resembles the game Space1 io. The aim is to collect as may drones as possible. When you see the bright palette of colors, you remember about the Festival of Paints in India. However, the game is really original ad there are many interesting details. At first, the game seems to be calm and peaceful. If you don’t have many drones, everything is great, ad you are not very dangerous. However, when you are in the center of a huge drone circle, you will become a superior dictator. Then, the most exciting part of the game starts, and the game will become your favorite one.

How to play

The aim is to collect as many drones as possible, enter the Top and to stay there for a long time. The number of scores depends on the number of drones you collected. You can’t poach other players’ drones, but you may paint white drones into your color. If you hit somebody, all his drones will become white. It is a perfect moment for catching them. It is a super contact game.

Drones don’t just give scores to you. Also, they represent a perfect security. If somebody enters inside your drone circle, your drones will attack the enemy. If you have a lot of drones, you are not available for the enemy. However, drones can attack the enemy for a fixed distance only. If you have a really big circle (50 or more), the enemy can break through your ring of drones. In this case, you may kill him in a close fight.

The game has a really interesting feature. If the enemy kills you, you turn into a ghost. You move across the map and then respawn. So, you may act s a ghost inside the ring, the respawn and take a revenge on the enemy. You have only one chance to do that. If you die for a second time, you are thrown back at the menu and offered to start a new game.


  • To choose direction, use the mouse
  • To shoot, make a click
  • To speed up, use the Space

Tips and Tricks

If a player has the same color with you, it doesn’t mean that he is your friend. Battle with him, like you battle with other enemies. The only difference is the absence of visible traces.

There are black dots on the mini map. These are players. If you see a big group of black dots, there is a Great Battle. Go there and you find many white drones. Collect tem and paint them into your color. It a risky adventure but it is worth trying. As the number of your drones increase, they become slower. I this case, an enemy may try to break through your ring by means of a booster. Boosters are mostly used by those who have just a few lives. Those who have just a few lives are usually spotted with paint.

You can’t use buster partially. You must spend the whole booster. To restore the booster, you must spend a drone. Then you will receive a new booster immediately. If you don’t have any drones, the speeding-up will restore automatically for 10 seconds.

Splatty io is an original, bright and funny game. Try one more bright game; it is a legend of io games Agario. If it is well-know to you, try it once more, why not?


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Splatty io

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