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Splix io description

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Splix io is a land capturing game. It is really exciting to invade your enemy’s lands. It is an old good game with a modern design + massive multiplayer mode. The gameplay is very simple, the graphics is modern. Moreover, there is also a multi-player. Here is the masterpiece called Splix io!

You can be sure that Splixio is a classical realization of the game. All other games are just copied from this one and enhanced a bit. If you like this kind of games, try out The main differences from the classic one are bright colors and non-linear motion.

How to play

The aim of the Splix io is to capture as many lands as possible and enter the TOP rating. To capture blocks of the land, circle them with a line and join it to your territory. The captured territory will be painted into your color and you will receive rating points. However, you must be careful. If somebody crosses your line while you are drawing the borders, you will lose. So, it is very easy to lose, and you should be attentive and precise.

Attention! If you go over the map’s borders, the game is over immediately.

In this game, you may not only invade the lands, but also destroy the enemies. The method is simple, you should cross the enemy’s line while he is capturing the land. It is really exciting, some players enjoy the process more than capturing the land.

The game is better in the full screen mode. The more you see, the more advantages you have, the earlier you see the enemy, the earlier you destroy him. If there are problems, try to reduce the graphics’ quality (tuner on the start screen high/low).

Splixio Controls

Move: WASD or mouse
Stop: P key


Everybody plays for himself (FFA)

Team mode

To play for the team Titotu, you should enter our code (ttt) in square brackets before your nick. It looks in the following way: [ttt]Your Nick. If there is a gamer from our team in the game, you can collaborate and support each other.

If you want to play together with your friend, choose the team mode on the start screen (team). You and your friend will receive a link for playing in the same game room.

Tips and Tricks

The game is based on the active land invasion. So, when you bite from other gamers’ empires, be ready to battle with the land’s owner. The best way is to provoke the enemy’s attack. Then, moving on your own territory without a tail, you will destroy the enemy easily.

If the battle happens, use the pause key (P). While your enemy is biting tiny pieces from your land, you will choose the best moment to attack when your enemy is relaxed.

The more you play Splixio the clearer it becomes that the speed doesn’t matter at all. To be successful, you must show a profound thinking. Even if there is nobody near you, you shouldn’t go too far. Anytime, a new player may join the game, appear near to you and destroy you.


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Splix io

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