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7 years ago
Game aliases:  Spredio

Spred io description

Spred io — Play for free at

Spred io = Agar io + Hexar io. Here, you must grow a big cell, then your cell will be able to divide and to resist the attack. Also, you must capture lands and factories in order to get resources. At first, you don’t understand anything. But, soon, you will learn how to play. This io game is not very difficult but it is exciting and interesting.

How to play

The aim of Spred io is to control 75% of all production. To do this, capture small squares of the lands ad factories. Start with a small cell, like in Agario. Grow your cell, absorb green dots and smaller players. Capture factories and squares of the land in order to gain the mass. Use your mass to build walls, to buy upgrades, even to spit out poison to other gamers.

It is the most interesting and versatile version of original Agario. We have an independent and unique game.


  • Use W or Z, to spit out the mass
  • Use X, to spit out the poison
  • Use C, to build the wall. Choose the square for your wall, hold C and click to the square.
  • Use B, to built a tower on the upgraded wall
  • Use V, to destroy a piece of your wall
  • Use S, to install the Mine (only for the class that is capable to do it)
  • Use space, to divide your cell

Remember: If your cell is divided, you are not able to build walls and to spit out the mass.


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Spred io

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