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Game aliases:  Squarecraftio square craft io

Squarecraft io description

Squarecraft io — Play for free at

Squarecraft io is an original online strategy io game. Recruit soldiers, dominate the map and you'll be surprised to discover the possibilities of this game.

How to Play

Your battle goal in Squarecraft io is to capture first 20 flags on the map. After a short tutorial you'll learn how to build, control, attack and defend. Next you have to either join existing game or create a new one.

Squarecraft io has special units for attacking. Also another units used for defense issues. You can't lose if someone captures your base, but all the flags you gather will automatically go to the enemy who controls the base.

Also there're special towers on the map that allow you to see farther or get extra income per second. When you've found a tower, come close and press R. You'll leave a unit on that tile and can move with the rest of your army to the next position. Little by little you'll win the Squarecraft io.


  • WASD to move the units
  • E or click the unit to select
  • R to split a squad
  • Ctrl+click on a tile to set a defense


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Squarecraft io

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