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Stabby io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Stabby io is a unique io game, it resembles an original game Brofist io. At first, you don’t understand anything, but soon you will become involved in the psychological thriller. Curtain the window, turn off the light, and enjoy the chase game. In the nearest future, the designer of Stabby io promises a lot of interesting updates.

How to play

The main aim is to gain as many scores as you can, killing other gamers. Of course, you must also protect yourself from being killed. The game has the following algorithm: to move, make the left click. When you see a target, make the right click. Your character comes to the enemy and kills him.

To move and attack, you use the points of Stamina. In the day time the shot costs 50 points, at night the price is 25 points. Movement also consumes stamina points. Stamina restores slowly.

You should find a suitable victim. Simply watch carefully, if your enemy has killed somebody, just follow him! However, he can notice you and make a preventive shot. Stabby io is a real spy competition!


  • Left click to move
  • Right click to attack


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Stabby io

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