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Starblast io is a great space shooter strategy. The game has supersmooth graphics, great physics and complex ship upgrade system. Moreover the game is translated into many languages and this is very good!

How to Play

The goal of Starblast io depends on the mode chosen. In each mode you have to shoot asteroids to get crystals that increase your XP. You level up when certain amount of crystals is reached. There're 2 bars over every player. Blue one means shield power, red one crystals level. When blue one reaches zero level the player begins to lose crystals. When none left the game is over. When you respawn the who had killed you will be marked red on the minimap.

Starblast io Modes

Deathmatch. No crystals, no XP. At the begining you select out of two ships. Next deathmatch begins. The one who scores 15 frags first wins.

Survival Mode (FFA). You've got to collect crystals and can either upgrade existing ship or change it to a new one. When changed you'll have to upgrade it's characteristics again. So sometimes it's not reasonable to change the ship if you have well upgraded ship. At the beginning you keep collecting crystals and updating the ship. As soon as first player upgrades his ship till 7th level or 75 minutes from the beginning have passed the Invasion begins and the last to stay alive wins. When Invasion begins no new player allowed to join the game.

Note that every ship has 3 lives (you can buy more of them). When you're killed you spend one life and lose all upgrades. With next death you'll lose one ship level. When killed for the 3rd time you'll have to start over again from the beginning.

When Invasion begins all ship are marked with red on the minimap, number of lives equals to one and respawn not available. Moreover solar radiation slows down shields' restoration rate till the zero.

Team mode. In the team mode you'll be assigned a team according to the game's algorithms so that teams are approximately equal. You can upgrade till 3rd level by yourself. After that you'll have to go to the base station and upgrade inside the upgrade section of station. But the station should be able to upgrade your ship. This means that you and your teammates should also upgrade the Stations to be able to upgrade ships.

Teammates don't deal damage to each other. Ships of 7th level have only 1 life. When destroyed player respawns with 6th level ship. Players must defend own Station and try to destroy opponents' Station. When one of Station is destroyed the game ends.

Starblast io Controls

  • Left click or Space to shoot
  • Arrow keys or right click to move


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