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Game aliases:  star jack io starjackio

StarJack io description

StarJack io — Play for free at

StarJack io is one of the coolest and original io game released for past month. Made by cood guys from SideQuiest studio. You are a space invader, you've got to do both attack and defend. This game is a combination of great Bloble io and Space one io games.

How to Play

The goal of StarJack io is capture all the headquarters of your enemies. First you join the lobby and wait for other players to join. If there's no one, you can add an AI bot and play with bot. Even if there're enough player you can still add the bot, cause bot won't wait, it knows the rules and plays quite fast.

At the beginning you have a home planet and some number of fleets near it. The planet (and actually each planet) produces fleets at its own rate. Click the source planet and then the target planet to send fleets. Left click sends all the fleets available and right click only half. After enemy fleets are destroyed you spend sometime to capture the planet. Now it's yours and will produce you some fleets as your home planet does.

Some planets in StarJack io have special buildings and symbols. Those are special abilities that might be quite useful in a tough battle.

StarJack io Build rate
Big planets build fighters faster
StarJack io Defense buff
Link planets for defense bonuses
StarJack io Scan ability
Reveal any point in space
StarJack io EMP ability
Lock enemies to orbit and zap launched fighters
StarJack io Shield ability
Make your orbiting fighters invincible

To use an ability click the planet, select ability and target a point on the map.


  • Left click source planet and left click target planet to send all fighters
  • Left click source planet and right click (or shilft + left click) target planet to send half of fighters
  • Right click source / target to cancel
  • Use mouse or WASD / arrows to move the camera
  • Tab to toggle Star Jack io statistics


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StarJack io

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