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Game aliases:  super nova io

Supernova io description

Supernova io — Play for free at

Supernova io is a minimalistic RTS io game. You're going to manage a planet to fight the opponents and win the galaxy battle!

How to Play

The only aim in Supernova io is to win your enemies. The graphics is poor, but mechanics is quite complex.Upgrades and buildings menu is found in the top left corner. Click your planet to get into the common upgrades menu and select your ship (Probe) to open the ship building and updating menu.

The game has both single player and multiplayer modes. Singleplayer mode is a kind of campaign with various difficulty levels. In multiplayer mode every battle is recorded and you can replay in Supernova Multiplayer Lobby (Watch Replays). Also you can send the link to your friends and play together.

Explore the galaxy with your ship, collect useful pickups, apply upgrades (gold mining, attack options for ships and etc.) and attack your enemies! Also you can develop Automated Explore ability so that your ships could look for and gather resources in automatic mode.

Supernova io Controls

  • Click the Planet or Ship to see available actions
  • Click to control the Ship
  • Scroll for zoom


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Supernova io

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