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Game aliases:  super spin superspinner super spinner

Superspin io description

Superspin io — Play for free at

Superspin io is a fidget spinner ported to the io games world. As a result we've got a mass gaining and opponents fighting game. The more gems you collect, the faster your spinner rotates and the higher will be the price for acceleration. Superspin io has great graphics with flexible free skin customization. Quick start - in 5 minutes you'll be playing like a pro!

How to play

The goal of a Superspin io is to become the biggest and fastest spinner (note the Leaderboard). Collect the gems and fight the enemies. In battle mass is the only important thing, the greater difference between yours and enemy's mass the more safe collision for you. Defeated enemy leaves gems for the winner.

Escaping from a bigger spinner is not easy, but still possible due to the faster mass consumption during speedup by bigger enemy. Actually bigger players are not interested in hunting small newbies, so you may feel rather safe. Bigger spinners gather more gems from bigger area.


Spinner follow the mouse
Click to speedup


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Superspin io

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