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Supertanks io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Supertanks io is a battle of mini tanks in the labyrinth. It is similar to Tanqs io. You should travel across the labyrinth, battle with other tanks, win the leader’s crown and maintain it as long as possible. At the moment, the game is really exciting because every tank has only one life. If the tank is hit, it explodes immediately. So, experienced players and the rookies have equal opportunities to win.

How to play

There are two main aims in Supertanks io: to take the leader’s crown and to maintain it. Te player who has killed the biggest number of tanks receives the leader’s crown. There is a navigation cursor showing at the owner of this crown. The crown doesn’t give any advantages in the battle, so it is both risky and honorable to wear it.

The battle takes place in the labyrinth with walls. The ammo is bouncing from the walls. So, you can kill explode each other by means of rebound, it is a special tactical move. When you chase somebody, be ready that your enemy ay shoot to the wall in front of him, and then the ammo will hit you.

Supertanks io is really exciting because any rookie can enter the TOP players easily. To become the leader, you must estimate the situation properly, and that’s all.


  • The tank follows the cursor
  • Click to shoot


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Supertanks io

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