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Sworm io description

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Sworm io is not an ordinaty snake io game. It has unique design and great gameplay.

How to Play

Main goal is to get as many victory points as possible. Points are given for every energy crystal that are found all over the map and of course for every defeated opponent.

The same as in Slither io you can't cross tail of the opponent, it's an instant death. However you can cut your opponent's tail! In this case the head part will continue it's way while tail will become crystals with time!

If you don't want any one ti cut your tail you've got to defend with armor. Every eaten bug added +1 to armor. Each point covers one section of the snake. Also a special booster available for extra armor.

Next core idea of the Sworm io is that you control not only one but multiple snakes. Every power up with snake sign will add you a little snake mate. It will follow the main snake collecting crystals on it's way. These're easy to lose during the attacks and useful as an additional shield + if your main snake dies the game doesn't end, one of your little snakes becomes the main one.

Also as bigger your snakes gets the more you can zoom out the map and observe more area.

Sworm io Controls

  • Click to boost
  • Right click or Space to bite
  • Scroll to zoom in / out


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Sworm io

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