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Game aliases:  tankd io tankedio

Tanked io description

Tanked io — Play for free at

Tanked io is a mix of Agar io and Diep io games. You have a tank and weapons, you can upgrade, but can't change the tank type. Instead you grow bigger with bigger level like in Agario like games.

How to Play

The main goal of Tanked io is to become the best of the best. Select color of your tank, enter your name and let's go. It's rather Agar io with weapons and upgrades than Diep io with variety of tanks.

Have a look at 3 bars at the top left corner:

  • health
  • level
  • money

Tanked io

First of all collect color dots to get money. Money required for upgrades. You can upgrade:

  • shields, 3 types available (light, mediumm heavy)
  • weapons, 3 types available (light, mediumm heavy)
  • skills, e.g. smoke

Every upgrade will cost you some money. Click to buy an upgrade. Also you can lock the upgrades dialog. It's better to keep it always open.

Tanked io

When you kill the opponent a lot of color XP dots and sometimes hearts (for HP) drops out. It's a fast, but of course dangerous way to get money and level.

Tanked io looks promising, we'll keep an eye on it and hope the developers will permanently update the game.

Tanked io Controls

  • Move with WASD
  • Left click to shoot


We're updating comments section. And hope it gets back soon!

Tanked io

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