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Game aliases:  Tanks io online

Tanksio online description

Tanksio online — Play for free at

Tanksio online is a new interpretation of tank wars. You have never seen such a nice battle of tanks! The game has a great look, especially in comparison with the tactic Tank wars io and a brutal Mudwars io.

How to play

Each team in Tanksio online has his own base. You must destroy the enemy’s tanks. Each team can have up to 3 tanks. The number of lighting sticks coincides with the number of players in the team. The number denotes amount of enemies killed by the team. Each of the rounds lasts until 25 killings. A team, who is the first to kill 25 enemies, wins.

The most important thing is that you must hit the enemy’s tank 4 times, and then it will be killed. When you take a red bullet, your damage increases twice, but you have only 3 empowered shots. Blue bullet is a bouncing ammo. Be careful with it. If it bounces to you, you will bedamaged.

An icon of protection in the center of the map gives you protection for 2 minutes (approximately) or until the enemy takes it away from you. When you are protected, try not to run into the tank. It is very simple to define if the enemy is protected. A protected tank is taken into a blue circle.

A red plus on the map restores a half of your health.

We can say that developers of Tanksio online have made a great game. Now we are waiting for new maps and new bonuses. It is also great that the game is absolutely free.


  • WASD for move
  • Click to shoot


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Tanksio online

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