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Game aliases:  tanks hurricane tanks rush io

Tanksrush io description

Tanksrush io — Play for free at

Tanksrush io is a great tank battle io game. You'll love graphics and gameplay. There're a lot of tank games, but this one deserves extra attention.

How to Play

The main goal is to get as many points as possible. To have an advantage in the tanks battle you've got to upgrade your tank. Collect stars and crosses left after killed enemies. Also you get XP points for every killed enemy.

Your upgrades depend on the selected tank type. You can upgrade till 3rd level maximum.

Tanksrush io Shoots with armor-piercing ammo
  • Berserk - increases shield and damage levels temporarily
  • Explosion - deals damage to everything around the tank with explosion
  • Self-guided Shells - for a short time your shell receive an ability of self-guidance
Tanksrush io Shoots with huge machine guns
  • Rust - your shells get poisoned and deal extra damage
  • Stealth - your tank become almost invisible for a short time
  • Boost - increases speed, shield and damage levels
Tanksrush io Shoots with laser
  • Impulse - create a plasma shield around the tank that deals damage if touched
  • Damage - temporarily increases speed, damage and shield levels
  • Megatron - you can slow enemies by shooting

Tanksrush io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot
  • 1-3 num keys to activate skills


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Tanksrush io

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