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Tanqs io looks like flag capture game but not like a real shooting on the tanks. If you carry the enemy’s flag to your base, you receive scores. At first, the control seems a little bit strange, but soon you will get used to it. Soon, you will understand that some inconveniencies of the control were created on purpose, because developers wanted to create a unique game. That’s a pity that there are few players at the moment. The game is worth playing.

How to play

You must carry out the enemy’s flag to your base and receive scores for that. Then you may enter the Top and even break the record of the day.

However, it is not easy to cope with the tank. It is moving either forward or backward, and you need some time to understand the logic of its movement and specifics of the control. The tank can move backwards while following the cursor and it will be really useful, when you take the enemy’s flag and turn the cannon to the enemies that are chasing you.

One hit is enough to kill the enemy in Tanqs io. Initially, you have 3 shots, but, as you raise a neutral flag, you can modify your cannon. Though, practical experience shows that start cannon is really efficient. And when we take the enemy’s flag, only one shot is left, and the speed becomes really slow. In this case, your partners must protect you. If you take a weapon flag, throw away your weapon to take a new one.

You can take your own flag and drag into a safer place.

Explore different cannons, choose the most efficient one and customize it.

You may drag all boosters of the weapons in one place and choose “a guard” from your team. Then your boosters will be safe!


  • Use a mouse to control the game
  • Make a left click to shoot
  • Make a right click to capture the flag


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Tanqs io

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