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Territor io is a game for the capture of the territory. Its grandpa is Splix io and its brother is Paper io. Here, you should invade as many lands as possible and, meanwhile, knock out other players. The game has a Gothic atmosphere. Gloomy colors make you think seriously about the conquering the world.

How to play

The aim is to invade as many percent of the map as possible. Meanwhile, you knock out other players, collect stars in different places of the map and receive points. But the points are not very important. The most important thing is to capture as many lands as possible.

There are three ways of dying. You mustn’t cross your own line. Other players also mustn’t cross your line. You mustn’t run into the red border of the map.

There are also stars and a speed booster, it looks like a lighting. If you take it, your speed will increase twice for some time. It will increase your chances for victory.


The ball follows the mouse


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Territor io

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