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Game aliases:  tinyplanes io

Tiny Planes io description

Tiny Planes io — Play for free at

Tinyplanes io is a very cute and grnad air battle! Vehicles are tiny planes which are the best for air fighting!

How to Play

You've to try to win the battle. The game has a lot of modes:

  • FFA
  • Team
  • CTF
  • Last Plane Deathmatch
  • Carrier Battle

The last mode of Tiny Planes io is very interesting. One player plays for aircraft carrier has a gun to shoot at planes and the other players try to destroy it.

When you enter the lobby choose a room you like, note that most of them require a password to join. If there's no rooms you like you may create your own. If you signup you can even create your own levels and upload them to the game.

3 type of planes are available for you, each has a unique ability. Ability activated by Q.

Tiny Planes io

  • Light Fighter can go back in time for 2 seconds
  • Heavy Fighter emits a radiation and every planes that gets into the field loses controls for a short time
  • Support create a defense shield around himself and all the teammates

There're mountains in the game. You can crash into them and you can land on them! But anyway be careful it's veru easy to crash occasionally.

Tiny Planes Controls

  • Arrows to move
  • Space to shoot
  • S to drop a bomp
  • Q to use a special ability


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Tiny Planes io

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