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Game aliases:  Trigonio

Trigon io description

Trigon io — Play for free at

Trigon io = Slash io + Drift io. In this game we chase each other and controlling the spaceships that can develop a huge speed. Properties of the spaceship and special abilities can be combined in different ways, there are many unique combinations. Imagine that you are controlling a plane, looking out of its cab and shooting a gun. In this game, you will receive the same experience. Often, you have to make a direct run at the enemy, though it is quite risky.

How to play

Choose the type of the ship, according to its changing properties (on the left), and add a special ability. Now, you may explore Trigon io world. To upgrade your spaceship, destroy objects on the map or kill the enemies. Your damage depends on your weapon. When you make a direct run to the enemy, you lose HP. To save HP, you have to shoot and to control your territory at the same time. Use your scores to improve the properties.


  • To shoot, make a click
  • The spaceship follows the cursor
  • Use Space, to activate a special ability


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Trigon io

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