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Game aliases:  Trouble in Terrorist Town

TTT io description

TTT io — Play for free at

TTT io is a short name for Trouble in Terrorist Town. It's an io shooting game where you've got to find out first who out of all the citizen is terrorist and next to find him and destroy.

How to Play

Among the players in TTT io some're assined a Detective role. Means they have a special terrorist detecting device and can help the other players. At the very beginning Detectives don't know who is Terrorist and who is Victim. The goal of the Detective is to find the Terrorists and kill them.

In case you play for a Terrorist (Traitor) in Trouble in Terrorist Town io you have to kill all the Victims in a given time. Try to do it carefully so no one suspects you doing this. Both Detectives and Terrorists can buy special stuff in a shop for better hiding, watching and defending. Also you can pick items of dead players.

If you're playing for Victim you know that Terrorists hunt for you. Your goal in TTT io is to survive. You also can grab loot from dead players and use it to look like Detective or Terrorist.


  • WASD or arrows to move
  • Num keys 1-5 for choosing items
  • Click for using an item
  • Space to jump
  • B to open Shop
  • Q to drop an item


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TTT io

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