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Typenconquer io: Type and Conquer io description

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Typenconquer io is a unique io game. It's educational and exciting at the same time. You've got to improve your typing (and spelling as well) skills to conquer the territories and kill opponents.

How to Play

The map in Type and Conquer io is a grid of island. Each has a word written on it. To move from one to another you've got to type the word over the island you want to move to. As you are on the island you receive points and the island get your color.

Also you may meet islands with a star shape over, these're a kind of bonus island. You can't conquer it until the star is there, but you can get extra points by staying by and typing words appearing on the island.

Typenconquer io

The most funny part of the Typenconquer io is when you meet other players. When someone near you type word written over him to kill the opponent. The one who does it first wins the battle and continues the game. All players' locations shown on the edges of the game. This means you can hunt for others! Also note that anyone can hunt you at the same time.

Type Conquer io Controls

type words written on islands and others players to conquer / kill then


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Typenconquer io: Type and Conquer io

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