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Game aliases:  warclicks com

Warclicks io description

Warclicks io — Play for free at

Warclicks io is a military styled clicker game. Train soldiers, fight enemies, get fuel by just clicking!

How to Play

Your aim is to reach the maximum upgrades level, build all the buildings in your bootcamp.

Warclicks io

During the game you'll switch between these tabs (bootcamp and warzone). At bootcamp you train soldiers and hire managers for army. On warzone tab you fight and score points, receive achievements and etc. Hind will help you to get into the rules quicker.

Main characteristic you've got to upgrade is DPC (damage per click). Buy upgrades in the Army shop to increase damage level. If you don't invest into DCP you'll find soon that you're unable to kill units having 1k+ HP.

Also you may fight in automatic mode with other players in Warclicks io. It's a kind of funny when game invites you for PvP session. When you accept invitation your army fights with the army of your opponent (approximately of the same level, matched by game). Armies fight according to some internal magic and at the end one side is said to be the winner.

Warclicks io Controls

  • Click to attack
  • Click to build
  • Click to whatever


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Warclicks io

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