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Western Shore Online description

Western Shore Online — Play for free at

WesternShoreOnline is Multiplayer 3D Browser Third Person Shooter. Many skins, many weapons, and many attachments are available. Deathmatch is a mode where you earn points by defeating enemies. HotSpot is a mode in which you earn points by staying in HotSpots that appear on the map.

In this game, unlike most shooters, the system does not assign teams, so the player must create a team in order to form a team. After entering the room, open the menu and click "CreateTeam". Click "CreateTeam". The team will be set up. To join a team select a player from the player list, and click "JoinTeam" to join the team.


M - close / open menu
Mouse to move camera
Left click to attack
Right click to aim
WASD to move
R to reload
F for squats
W+F to roll
E for remote bomb detomation
Q for perks


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Western Shore Online

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