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Wings io is an amazing airplane shooter. In this game the life lasts for only a couple of seconds. But then you can respawn again and continue the battle! There is a great choice of weapons, weapons fall directly from the skies. Just catch it and go on shooting non-stop. You must be concentrated, because the battle is tense, and you don’t have time for a break.

How to play

The aim is to have fun and to enjoy the process. You won’t be able to survive for a long time, anyway, because the battle is tense. To reduce the tension, developers added several functions (they are described below) + the graphics and the theme are upgraded regularly. In general, the developers are fond of experiments. At the New Year’s Eve, for example, the planes were replaced by Santa Clauses on the sledges with deer! The game is worth visiting from time to time, you will enjoy the process and see current innovations.

There is a Crown of Leadership that is transferred from one gamer to another one. You can receive the crown when you explode the current King. The owner of the Crown receives a bonus to health and damage, but the crown is a very tempting item, so everybody wants to take it. So, think well if you need this kind of happiness.

Sometimes military ships appear, they float across the water and shoot at the planes.

There is a wide choice of different weapons with unique features. Choose the weapon that suits you and don’t spend your time on other ones. The game is versatile, the battle is dynamic and tense, it is a 100% classics of io games.


  • The plane follows the mouse
Click to shoot


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Wings io

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