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Game aliases:  world of mage io wom io

World of Mage io description

World of Mage io — Play for free at

Worldofmage io is an io game about magic! So, you're a mage and your aim is to get new spells and enhance them. Beware of other mages!

How to play

The goal of the World of Mage io is to become the most powerful mage of all the time. There're several ways to do that. Objects spread on the map give you experience, resource and new spells while you mine them. These items appear around object you hit, so be sure to collect them before someone else does.

With each level up maximum capacity of health and mana increases as well. Anyway to upgrade your magic skills you need gold and gems. These're are also can be found by mining the objects. If you find a chest (ordinary or gold one) open it, it may contain something useful. After chest is opened it appears somewhere else on the map again.

You need to learn how to cast spell in order to attack other players.In the right bottom corner you'll see yellow "Spell Setting" button. All available spells're found there. You can drag any spell to the active zone. Some of spells are passive and just enhance some of your skills. Some need to be activated to use. You can activate them by pressing 1-5 keys or clicking on it.

If you want to upgrade a spell click on it an press Upgrade. Upgrades require resources. With every upgrade usage cost is reduced.

World of Mage io

World of Mage Controls

  • Left click to move
  • E or Space to use basic spell
  • A to use character base spell to select area
  • 1-4 to cast equipped spell
  • S to stop character
  • G to open Spell Setting dialog
  • Enter to open chat


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World of Mage io

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