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Game aliases:  wreck it

Wreckit io description

Wreckit io — Play for free at

Wreckit io is a death match io game! You need to crack color balls and kill other players to receive score points and weapons updates. You may remember some similar io games, some of them are offline already :(

How to Play Wreckit io

The main goal of the game is to receive the most points. You can get points by crashing color dots and destroying opponents.

At the top of the screen you may notice a line showing your current experience status. On each level you're able to upgrade your weapons. Next upgrade options depend on to previous selection. So make experiments and find your own best combination of upgrades.

Wreckit io upgrades tree

Note that colliding with dots and other players deals damage. It doesn't kill you, but you become more vulnerable as you have less HP.

In the center of the map in Wreck it io you'll find a black hole. When inside you receive extra XP points. The problem is a black hole attracts you and your weapons and it make you vulnerable again.

Wreckit io Controls

  • Click to pull a weapon
  • Move with mouse


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Wreckit io

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