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Game aliases:  explode io xplode io

Xplo io description

Xplo io — Play for free at

Xplo io is the most explosive io game. Blow up other players and survive as long as possible. The game will remind you an Agar io at first glance, but if you try it you'll discover a lot of unique features.

How to Play Xplo io

The main goal of the game is to blow up as many enemies as you can. Use grenades when you are chasing someone and use mines when someone is chasing you. Remember to not to step on other players' and YOUR own mines.

There're 3 types of collectible dots:

  • blue ones increase your shield with
  • black adds 1 grenade
  • brown adds 1 mine

All the dots increase your overall score.

Xplo io

Xplo io Controls

  • Mouse to move
  • W to drop a mine
  • Space to throw a grenade


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Xplo io

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