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Yorg io is a single mode survival io game. The map is covered with resources, you've got to mine them, produces cannon balls, energy and etc to be able to stand the zombie waves!

How to Play

Main goal in Yorg io is to stay alive for as many days as possible. Build your base and defend it. If base is destroyed you lose.

This game is about chains, you've got to build mines and connect them with roads into a net to make your little economics work for you! Get enough resources to supply defense buildings like Arrow Tower or Cannonball Tower. If the building misses required resource an icon indicating that resource will appear above the building.

To get more opportunities upgrade your Base. Maximum level of Base is 7, the same as of any building in the game. The higher the level of the building the more effective it is. Make sure to upgrade mines first to obtain more resources.

During the daytime you're safe to build whatever you want, at the night your attacked with zombies. They're trying to go directly to the Base, so you may get a hint where to build walls first. Sometimes you don't need to build wall in particular place and it's absolutely safe. Once in 10 waves mega zombie will almost destroy your Base :) After zombies are killed the building are repaired (but not built) automatically.

Yorg io Controls

  • WASD to move a cam
  • Hot keys to build specific building
  • N to upgrade a building


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Yorg io

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