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Game aliases:  Zombiecraftio Zombie craft io

Zombiecraft io description

Zombiecraft io — Play for free at

Zombiecraft io is created by the developers of Orn io. It is a combination of two genres, minecraft and zombie. At the moment, the game is being upgraded and improved actively. But it is already possible to enter the game and to kill a pair of zombies. You may use a pistol, an ax, a machete or just a piece of wood. The game is really interesting, and it has the high quality sound.

How to play

At the moment, you can explore the space on your own. You can run across the forests and the fields (that’s really scary), enter the houses and look for objects that can protect you from zombies. The number of objects is not limited. For example, there is a piece of wood, and you can take as many wooden units as you like, even three hundred of one thousand units. Use these resources to craft useful items. Soon, with the appearance of multiplayer, the process of interaction will become more interesting and complicated. But at the moment the game is already exciting.


  • WASD to move
  • Space – to jump
  • E – the inventory
  • F – to take an object
  • Click a mouse to shoot


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Zombiecraft io

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