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Zorelit io description

Zorelit io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Zorelit io is a well designed space io shooter. Get ready, we're going into deep space!

How to Play

You combat aim in the game is to get to the top of the leader board. First of all you've got to choose type of spaceship and it's colors.

Zorelit io

Besides the skin color ships have different default weapon and ability. While playing you'll find what weapon you like the most and what ability is most useful in the battles. Battles in Zorelit io is a kind of attraction because you can't simply aim and shoot, you should mind the inertia.

Power of you weapon and ability grows as you level up. You can get upgrade points by killing opponents or destroying asteroids. After you destroy the enemy or asteroid color dots are left. Yellow ones are upgrade points and green ones restore your HP.

Also you can freeze direction you go by pressing Space button. It's rather useful while you destroy asteroids for XP, so you don't change direction while aiming.

Weapons and abilities are spread all over the map, you can grab any and change your weapon or ability. Note that new weapon or ability replaces your current one.

And the last, the player who killed you last time is marked with red skull on the minimap, so you can find him easily. Also the TOP player is marked with yellow crown. Have fun!

Zorelit io

Zorelit io Controls

  • Move and aim with mouse
  • Let click or Q to shoot
  • Right click or W to use special ability
  • Space to hold direction
  • 1-4 to use emoji


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Zorelit io

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