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Starve io - is a brand new io game from developers of well-known and games. First of all want to mention that developers pay much attention for gameplay, trying to make it maximum original. Starve io is one of those 100% quality games. Before starting go fullscreen.

Many people notes that looks much like Moomoo io. Don't join those people. Development process of any game takes much time. And if two games released almost at one time look similar means only that similar ideas come to bright heads simultaneously. First of all Starve io is harder to play, you have to to something, otherwise you die. Second, everything get worse at night.

How to play

As you start you find yourself in a forest. You aim is to survive. Around you many other player, some are your friends, others will come to kill you. Everyone actually trying to survive himself first and probably may help you if it help to survive. Does it remember you any movie? Yes, it is! Hunger games io! The difference is that no one watching you, it's not a popular TV show, it's life!

First of all take look at 3 colorful bars: Life, Food and Cold.

Main characteristics Starve io Life / Food / Cold

Food / Cold / Life

You have to eat food to fulfill Food bar. You can grab either berries from berry trees of kill rabbit or wolf and get meat. You can cook meat with fire. Cooked meat fulfills 100% of food bar capacity. Berry trees can be plant. To plant one you'll need 3 berry, 20 woods and fire. Tree will grow up in one game day approximately.

Every minute you get colder, craft fire to heat yourself or find one. At night you get colder faster.

As Food or Cold bars come to zero, you begin to lose life. In other cases life regenerates little by little.

You can enable auto-feed by pressing R button.


You can craft many items and inventory in Starve io, but you need some resource first. At the beginning you can gather only wood, 1 wood per hit. Then as you get 15 woods you can craft wooden axe. It will let you to gather x2 woods and 1 stone per hit.

Also you can craft a sword (wooden, stone, gold and diamond). That might be meaningful because other players may try to kill you as well as wild animals (wolf).

Workbench lets to construct some settlement buildings.

New craftables

Resource Fur Fur gained from rabbits and wolves

Clothes Earmuffs Helps saving heat

Coat Helps saving heat


Food Berries Gather berries from berry trees, the bigger the tree the faster it generated new berries.
Object Berry weeds Come close to fire to plant a berry tree
3 berries
20 woods

Food Meat Catch rabbit or fight a wolf to get some meat. You can cook meat near a fire.

Cooked meat Cooked meat regenerated food bar to 100%
Resource Wood Gathered from trees
Stone Gathered from stones
Gold Gathered from golden mines
Diamonds gathered from diamond mines
Inventory Wooden Axe 15 woods
per hit: 2 woods / 1 stone
Inventory Stone Axe 60 woods
20 stones
per hit: 3 woods / 2 stones / 1 gold
Inventory Golden Axr 60 woods
40 stones
20 gold
per hit: 4 woods / 3 stones / 2 gold / 1 diamond
Inventory Diamond Axe 100 stones
60 gold
30 diamonds
per hit: 5 woods / 4 stones / 3 gold / 2 diamond

Weapon Stone sword 60 woods
30 stones
Golden Sword 80 woods
60 stones
50 gold
Diamond Sword 100 stones
120 gold
60 diamonds
Object Fire 30 woods
5 stones
Object Pro Fire
Object Workbench Workbench is a headquarters of your settlement, go close to it to upgrade or construct something
40 woods
20 stones
Object Wall
Build walls to defend your settlement
Spikes Wall Spikes hurt you enemies that come close
Object Door Openable wall, click to open/close
Stone wall Stone wall, build to protect your settlement
Golden wall Golden wall, build to protect your settlement
Diamond wall Diamond wall, build to protect your settlement
Resource Thread Kill spider to get thread, used to craft bandage

Item Bandage Health regeneration goes faster, only in case you're not starved or dying of cold
Object Chest
Animal Rabbit Rabbits are source of meat, hard to catch
Animal Wolf Wolfs are source of meat, but be sure you're capable to fight them
Animal Spider Spiders are very dangerous, but if defeated give you thread. is a hard game. Try to team with other players to get stronger!