ToBattle io

Game aliases:  to battle io

ToBattle io description

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ToBattle io is a brand new io game released at just the beginning of year 2019. Great first person 3D multiplayer shooter.

How to Play

To Battle io is a death match shooting game. You spawn in to a game that lasts for 5 minutes and have to earn as many points as possible. Headshots bring more points.

Currently ToBattle io offers one little locations with not that many ammo and aid kits. In the middle of the match ammo finished and we couldn't grab new one! Actually we could grab, but it did nothing. So seems there's a lot to do with this game. We wish the developer fixes bugs, adds new weapons and locations.

ToBattle io


  • Mouse for direction
  • Click to shoot
  • AD move forward and back
  • W to jump
  • S to sit