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Gats io is an extended version of popular io game Battl io. The map is smaller, harder to move between the blocks and not two, but three upgrades available. The game finally is very dynamics and very interactive.

How to Play

The aim of Gats io to get as many frags as possible. After first kill you'll receive level up and a choice of one passive skill. After some more frags you'll be allowed to upgrade active skills like trowing a knife, a grenade and others. After even more frags second passive skill becomes available. These all help you to act quickly hide, attack and stay alive.

Gats io gives you a choice: pick one of six available weapons, get a stronger armor or be able to move faster. Depending on the weapon you've chosen you can choose a passive skill. Every skill is very useful, but you've got to find your own combination. This is your battle, this is your strategy.

Gats io


  • WASD to move
  • Click to attack
  • Space to use a skill


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Gats io

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