Game aliases:  Dynastio glor io 2 dynasty io

Dynast io description

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Dynast io is a multiplayer io game inspired by such top games as Glor io and Moo moo io. Big territory, dangerous monsters, a lot of items to craft and many other adventures for you!

How to Play

One of the goals of Dynast io is earning the most points. Another one is to build the strongest Dynasty that will controls the map. You can build your settlement, cooperate with other players and fight together against others.

Craftable items are found in the menu on the left side of the screen. As soon as you have enough resources you can craft an item. Note that if you tend to fight the other players you're more likely to craft weapons rather than tools. Tools are more efficient for resources gathering.

Building a settlement is required to extend your possibilities and attract other players to join your team. Teaming is the core social action in the Dynast io. The one who can bring strongest players together has great potential to win the game.


  • WASD to move
  • Click to attack / gather
  • 1-9 keys or with a mouse to switch items


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Dynast io

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