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Doomed io 2 description

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Doomed io 2 is a combination of complex gameplay with interactive environments. The game realizes the concept of open permanently changing world. It's a new version of Doomed io with improved graphics and many other improvements.

How to Play

First of all you can choose out of 2 maps: Volcanic Island and Great Plane. First one is an island with big volcano in the middle + surrounded by many smaller island. Another one is a big single island.

doomed 2 io maps

There're two main aspects of the game: mining and crafting. First chop some tree, next craft a pickaxe. Now you're ready to mine some stone and so on. Resources don't stay forever, they disappear after some time and appear again in the new location. This is done to prevent occupation of resource by surrounding it with buildings.


There're 4 types of items in the Doomed 2 io:

  • tools: various pickaxes, used to mine resources;
  • weapons: sword, spear and etc;
  • ranged weapons: bow, musket and etc;
  • shields


  • traps - traps enemies
  • walls - basic defense
  • spikes - wall causing damage when touched
  • turrets
  • doors - can be opened by owner or teammate
  • boosters - boost player in a direction
  • torches - lights up some area during the night

Every building can be sold for some resources use to build it. Press R key to sell a building.

The game has day and night changes. During the night you can see a little piece of area around you. During this time you can be easily attacked by wild enemies.

Doomed io 2

Doomed 2 io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • left click to attack or use an item
  • left click + shift to use an item as secondary
  • shift to sneak
  • Q to drop items (press with num key to drop 10x, 100x and etc items)
  • R to sell a building
  • E to mount/unmount turret or weapon


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Doomed io 2

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