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Roams io might feel like a game you've seen before. Yep, it's like Mope io, so if you like that one, give this a try.

In Roams io, you're in a world of animals, birds, fish, and more. When you start, you're one of them: Mouse, Fish, Chipmunk, Mole, or Shrimp. Each has its own home area, food likes, and enemies.

Grab food - green is good, red is bad - and watch your water level. Avoid the big guys. If you're in a rush, hide in holes. Stick with friends who won't eat you. Explore the map, level up, and grow from a tiny critter to a big beast.

Roams io


  • Your animal moves where you point
  • Double click to speed up
  • Press W to dive


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Roams io

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