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Game aliases:  Rocketballio Rocke tball io

Rocketball io description

Rocketball io — Play for free at

Rocketball io is a game for real guys; it is a combination of car racing and football. Moreover, there is a perfect 3D io game. The aim is to score as many balls as possible to the enemies’ gate. However, it is quite difficult, because the ball has a harsh and aggressive temper. It is not easy to cope with the ball. To succeed, you must be calm and precise. Try not to be nervous, when it is not possible to control the game properly.

How to play

The aim is to score as many balls as possible to the enemy’s gate, the time is limited. If there are few players, you can play with bots. Just kick the ball to the gates. However, it is quite difficult because server capacities of the game are not perfect. In other words, you need some practice in order to control the game successfully.

You will really enjoy drifting in this game. The game looks really great, and you can experience amazing feelings. To speed up for the start, use the speed booster. It is reloaded quickly.

You may observe either the field, or the car, and it is possible switch between these points of view. When the game becomes a little bit more popular, you will enjoy kicking the ball with real players!


  • WASD, to move
  • Space, to speed up


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Rocketball io

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