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Game aliases:  salmons io

Salmonz io description

Salmonz io — Play for free at

Salmonz io is a kind of multiplayer platformer game (looks like, but not feels like Bonk io). Try to pass as further as possible!

How to Play

Game is rather simple, you play for a salmon and have to pass all the obstacles on your way: ponds, eagles and other wild animals like bears and wolves.

Salmonz io

Points in Salmonz io are given for the salmon eggs (red dots in water). The one who collected the most is the best player.

The rules are simple, but the game is not. Fortunately this game is neither against other players nor cooperative game. Just feel yourself a part of salmons crowd.

Salmonz io Controls

  • mouse to move
  • left click to flap


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Salmonz io

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