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Vikings Village: you are at the rock concert. Somebody has told that you are The Carrot. You must punish the offender. That’s the legend of the game. It is a typical Nordic game with huge fists for punching other people’s faces, chairs, barrels, and even hens. You may use all these objects in a fight. Listen to rock music and drink beer to improve your health. The game is simple and funny.

How to play

The aim of Vikings Villiage is to grow the longest and the most beautiful beard. As you beard grows, you upgrade your abilities. When you knock down other Vikings, your beard grows and you receive scores of experience. The longer is your beard, the stronger you are. The length of your beard depends on the level of upgrade.

Use a mouse to fight. A single click = a hit that takes away one life. If you hold the click a little, the hit takes away two lives. If you hold the click for 4 seconds, you will see a red whirl around your fist. Then, your enemy will lose three lives. If you drink a glass of beer, your health improves to the maximum.

As you knock down the enemies in Vikings Villiage, new abilities become available for you. All of them are used and reloaded automatically. In fact, it is not necessary to control them. For example, you may just raise a barrel, and it will burn down suddenly. If you throw it to the enemy, it can explode unexpectedly.


  • Viking follows the mouse
  • Make a left click to hit\to thro
  • Hold a left click to make a powerful blow
  • Barrels, chairs and hens are taken automatically if you touch them


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Vikings Village | Hard Party

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