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Game aliases:  smash io smasher io

Smashers io description

Smashers io — Play for free at

Smashers io is another io game by Clown Games company. Use your hammer to smash whatever you see. If it gives you score points fine, if not it's not a problem!

How to Play Smashers io

You've got a hammer and you probably know how to deal with it. Don't wait and smash something. Little black moles stay still and spread color particles when smashed. Collect those to get score points. Moles stay still and it's easy to kill them. Worms keep moving under the ground. Follow the trace, when you see the red warning sign get ready for fun! The worm is going to come out! You can mash worms multiple times and every time you smash them they multiply your scope points. Bang! - get 2x points, bang again! - get x3 points!

However moles and worms are not dangerous at all in Smasher io, treat them like a source of score points! The most dangerous in the game are other players. Yeah, they also have a hammer and will smash you with great pleasure. You get some points of smashed opponent, so be sure you'll be smashed almost every 5 seconds!

At the end of the turn you'll get stats table showing your best and last achievements: kills, overall score, game you stayed alive and combos received.

Smashers io Skins

One of the most amazing features of the game is customizable skins! You can get one by sharing the game in one of the proposed social networks. Actualyl you don't need to subscribe, just click and get your skin.

Smashers io skins


  • Space or left click to smash
  • W or right click to boost


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Smashers io

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