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Tower Capture 2 description

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Tower Capture 2 is not an ordinary io game. You should create traps for your opponent to win. Available for playing against AI (campaign mode) or against your friends as a local multiplayer (other players should stand nearby to play).

How to Play Tower Capture 2

The goal of the game is to block opponents towers. In campaign mode you'll be playing against bot. Difficulty will increase level by level. Each level unlocks new maps that will become available for local PVP game. You can easily play with your friend.

The game goes turn by turn. A turn contains two steps. On first step you move any available tile. Click the tile and available fields will be highlighted with green. Little by little nearby fields will become available for play. After you move the tile fields will become red and any of them can be locked by shooting arrows into it. That's a second step.

Turn by turn more fields will be locked with arrows. You can't step on to such field. Your aim to block tiles of your opponent. As soon as your opponents has no where to move a tile you win.


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Tower Capture 2

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