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WinterSmash io description

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WinterSmash io is a mobile-friendly puzzle-ragdoll game with physics featuring crazy reindeers and a stranded Santa Clause.

How to Play

Help Santa get down from the pile of gits by using your wits to solve the puzzle, but physics can be unpredictable! In that case summon a reindeer or two, if you're lucky they'll set you straight on the floor and the level will be completed.

Finished all the 30 campaign levels? Well there are unlimited randomly generated levels and also levels created by other players! Prove that you can finish their level and then make your own and submit them!

Clicking or tapping a present, platform or reindeer destroys it.

There are 2 keys available in the game to open reindeer cages, on left which summons a reindeer from the left and one on the right side which does the same but from the right part of the screen.

The reindeer's behaviour can be changed with the button in the top left corner


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WinterSmash io

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