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Agario games is quite a good clone of a famous Agario. Here, we have a very high sped of the cells and a very high speed of jointing the cells after their division. Moreover, there are many free skins, powerful servers and thousands of players. Join the game! The game is laconicand pleasant.

How to play

The main aim is to gain the biggest amount of mass. You should eat colored dots, that are appearing in different corners of the map, big green prickly circles and smaller players. It is risky to eat green circles. When you eat a green circle, your cell is divided into smaller ones. If you run into a bigger player, he can eat your smaller cells quickly.

Divide your cell periodically to grow the biggest cell. When your cell becomes bigger, it slows down. So, it is really difficult to catch smaller players. When the cell is divided, a half of the cell speeds up and makes a leap forward. It helps to catch smaller players.

The servers have a big capacity, so it is possible to play quickly without any lags. It’s really great. To sum up, the game is really good, it is worth playing. You will enjoy it for many hours.


  • The cell follows the mouse
  • Use W to spit out the mass
  • Use Space to divide your cell


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Agario games

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