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Ninja io is one of the best arena battle io games. Ninja skill will help to win the other players :)

How to Play

There're 2 modes: Deathmatch and Capture the flag. Main goal of the first is to receive as many kills as possible till the time is out. In the Capture the flag mode you win when you have captured and brought to your side more flags then your opponents.

When the game starts you're asked to select a weapons: primary and secondary.

Ninja io weapon selection screen

Extra you're given 3 shuriken + may grab some grenades on the map. Use them with E key.

There 3 bars that reflect you health, energy (required to fly) and ammo (charge).

Ninja io Health Energy and Ammo bars

You can a kind of fly using energy, right click to fly. Consumes energy very fast, but it recovers fast as well.


  • WAD to move
  • S to lay down
  • E to throw shuriken or grenade
  • Q to change the weapon
  • W+S to drop the flag
  • Click to shoot
  • Right click to fly
  • H to show help menu
  • G to show weapon selection panel
  • V to show round statistics
  • T for chat

Also game offers a list of console commands

  • /spec - enter a spectate mode
  • /join - join the game
  • /kill - commit suicide
  • /clients - show the list of all clients


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Ninja io

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