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Arrow io is one of those crazy games you play once and play it for any hours after that. Arrow io is an io shooter with bow and arrows. Join the game and show who is the pro player.

How to Play

Well, your main goal in Arrow io is the frag count. The more enemies you've defeated the better. First you can hunt the rabbits and when you feel strong enough try fighting with other players.

For every level up you receive an upgrade points, it can be use for some skills / abilities upgrade. The more upgrades you receive the stronger you are. However even if your the most developed person in the game, still keep an eye on what's going on around you, since it's very easy to be killed by a group of weaker players. If you lost too many HP you can hide in a bushes, restore the HP and find this buddies.

Arrow io is already unblocked, however you may come across some cheating tricks like receiving all the power ups. We don't recommend you to do this. We vote for fair play. Read the Arrow io guide, play with friends together and even if you lose too often never give up. Try again and again.

The version for android is available from play market.


  • WASD to move
  • Click to attack


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Arrow io

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